Leif Ohman


About me

I was born in Sweden and grew up there, but moved to the U.S. some 40 years ago.

In Sweden, I started as a life insurance actuary and served as a technical expert during negotiations for flexible retirement age. I then moved into government work and became head of the local branch of a government agency. This involved applying a new freedom of information act.

In the U.S., I started by passing the CPA-exam, then completed the first year of the JD program at an ABA-approved law school before finally settling into computer programming in the insurance and financial industry.

Then in 2010 I was hired as an in-house translator for a social media company.
Three years later the company outsourced the entire office overseas.

I now work as a freelance translator.

Lifelong student of foreign languages

French at Alliance Fran├žaise, Mandarin at UC Berkeley, Japanese at Soko Gakuen, Greek at Uppsala University, Spanish at Vuxengymnasiet, German and Russian in high school.

Last updated: January 17, 2023.

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